Extension of main line to Bridge of Bennie

Coordinator: Jon Tyler (jon.tyler1@gmail.com)

Last Updated: 2015-02-06 13:01:57

The section of line between the layby and Bridge of Bennie is arguably the most scenic section of the line. It is thus hoped to open up this section of the line as soon as possible after completion of the run-around loop and siding No. 2 at the layby in order to make a journey on the train an even more attractive experience. Track panels have been laid as far as they can whilst accommodating Aberdeenshire Council's request for access to the Deeside Way through the layby area to carry out their upgrade works. Until they are completed further track laying westwards is suspended but in the meantime the missing components for the loop west turnout are being sourced, as are additional concrete sleepers sufficient to reach the Bridge of Bennie (approximately 500), so that we will be all set for when track laying resumes.


2014-09-13 11:30:00
Current end of the main line
2014-09-21 15:29:54
Sleepers stacked on the track bed west of the layby
2014-09-21 15:29:58
Looking west along the Deeside Way from just west of the layby
2014-09-21 15:32:20
Looking west part way around the bend between the layby and the Bridge of Bennie
2014-09-21 15:33:33
Approaching the Bridge of Bennie from the east
2014-09-21 15:33:58
The Bridge of Bennie looking west