Permanent way urgent maintenance tasks for public running

Coordinator: David Cowie (

Last Updated: 2015-06-25 20:20:17

A number of tasks have been identified that need to be completed prior to resuming public services on 14th March 2015:

  1. Both sets of points in Milton loop need renovating A) east point new longer pin. B) engine shed point needs maintaining and is not packed correctly.

  2. Main points on running line - stepped fishplate needs replacing and needs re-packing and lubrication of lever frame.

  3. Bullhead rails at platform - key needs replacing.

  4. Re-packing of flat bottom rail west of main points to top of curve.

  5. Trimming of trees where hitting train and removal of obstructive brambles from trackside so as not to impede emergency evacuation and access.

  6. Gates at Kashentroch and old crossing timbers to be removed and ensuing gaps fenced.

  7. Fencing along back of platform to be repaired.

  8. Drainage ditches to be cleared and dredged out.


2015-06-25 16:39:24
Line to west of crossing partially ballasted. Next job is to align, jack and pack then complete ballsting to ends of sleepers.