Birkenbaud Halt

Coordinator: Richard Hamlet (

Last Updated: 2015-06-27 17:16:49

Plans have been approved. Painting of the half-height containers to be used as the platform structure has commenced to a limited extent, but weather and the lack of access to the layby area has prevented much progress. However, as we now have access, the weather is improving and the evenings have drawn out, we shall be looking for as many volunteers as we can get to help with the painting over the coming weeks. The finish colour of the containers has been agreed with the Estate, 'Sherwood' green 12 D 45 (the same as the engine shed), but we still await confirmation from the Council that this colour is acceptable for the Halt. That doesn't stop us from priming and undercoating the containers in the meantime.

The location of the Halt will be just to the east of the Birkenbaud crossing. Ground preparation involves the removal of several tree stumps, scraping away vegetation and topsoil and digging out the holes for the concrete foundations. As we want to have the half-height containers in place ready for commencing decking out by the end of September we will be looking to start this aspect of the work by the end of July, subject to getting formal approval from the Council regarding our proposed drainage solution. As a precursor to painting, inspection hatches are being cut out from the ends of each of the containers which will also improve ventilation when painting the internal surface. Two containers have had hatches cut out to date.


2015-05-16 10:44:32
Birkenbaud Halt containers laid out ready for painting
2015-06-13 10:46:06
Birkenbaud Halt site looking east
2015-06-13 10:47:58
Birkenbaud Halt site looking west with crossing in the distance
2015-05-24 15:15:33
Inside one of the upside-down containers
2015-05-24 15:11:45
Hatches will be cut out from each end on the containers to allow internal inspection
2015-06-27 14:42:38
Vegetation has been cut back over the full length of the halt in readiness for the start of groundworks once final planning permission is received