MoC station building

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Last Updated: 2015-06-12 08:30:41


The building is structurally complete with the main hall, east office and the east extension housing the toilet facilities fully functional. The west office which will become the shop and ticket office is currently being fitted out to its new roles. The west extension is awaiting fitting out as the food preparation area in support of the on-train catering operation. The volunteers who have worked on the station building have done an amazing job and their work needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.


2014-09-13 11:30:00
Main hall
2014-09-13 11:30:00
East office
2014-09-13 11:30:00
2015-06-12 00:00:00
This project has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund
2015-02-14 12:15:52
Completed paving around the back of the station building
2015-02-21 15:52:56
Refitted fireplace.
2015-02-21 15:54:17
Kitchen awaiting installation of the cupboards, worktop and water heater.
2015-02-21 15:53:18
Shop and ticket office ready for installation of lighting and fitting out.
2015-02-21 15:59:23
Ramped access to side entrance.