Car park drainage fencing and access ramp

Coordinator: Frank Grant (

Last Updated: 2015-08-19 12:28:15


The car park used to be prone to waterlogging owing to poor drainage, but no more. The soakaway pit under the centre of the car park is working splendidly and the re-graded car park ensures surface water drains into the pit. The fence and gates separating the car park from the station buildings and platform match the style of the platform fencing, but have been left with a natural finish. Another enhancement is the paved ramp to the rear of the station building which provides wheeled access to the platform at a shallower gradient than the platform end ramp. Photographs of the completed works are to follow.


2015-05-01 15:57:02
Gated entrance to bothy
2014-09-13 11:30:00
Re-surfaced car park no longer gets waterlogged
2015-05-16 10:36:05
Car park fence in front of the office now complete
2015-05-16 10:36:22
Car park fence around the picnic tables now complete
2015-06-03 18:32:22
Fencing along track side installed and approaching completion