Ground frames for run-around loop

Coordinator: Jon Tyler (

Last Updated: 2015-05-16 20:30:41

Regular passenger services over Birkenbaud crossing will require the locomotive pulling the train to swap ends so that it leads the train over the crossing on the return journey hence the run-around loop. In the absence of a ground frame turnouts are required to be fitted with clamps to secure their position which is fine for occasional turnout operation but for regular use is impractical. Ground frames are therefore to be installed at both loop turnouts. The ground frame for the loop east turnout has been installed and is now operational. The connecting rods and components for the loop west turnout are in stock, but a ground frame needs to be sourced.


2015-05-16 10:51:07
Ground frame for loop east turnout
2015-05-16 10:50:51
Layby east turnout with operational ground frame