The Deeside Railway is coming back to life, albeit slowly, re-built through the dedication of volunteers. So far the track has been laid up to approximately the halfway point along the route to its terminus in Banchory. With the first track panel having been re-laid back in 2001, it has taken approaching fourteen years to get to where we are today. Slow progress indeed, but much knowledge has been gained over that time with regard to how to build, operate and maintain a railway's infrastructure. As part of the learning, improvements in techniques and equipment have made the operation of laying and maintaining track both simpler and safer. With the railway now reaching a degree of maturity, as demonstrated by the impending completion of the station building, it is now time to finish off the planned track laying.

However, things are not so straight forward as just laying track. A whole raft of other facilities need to be prepared in unison with track laying in order to meet the requirements of the rail regulator. RDRPS is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the railway infrastructure and permanent structures, so all activities have to be planned to fit around the operating timetable and availability of volunteers, as well as availability of funds.

All RDRPS development and maintenance activities are controlled through "projects", each of which is managed by a "Project Coordinator". This site provides a facility for Project Coordinators to inform members of the Society, volunteers and the public at large, of progress made against each project and of planned work.

If you wish to volunteer to manage any of the projects yet to be assigned, please contact the RDRPS Chairman (email address on the Royal Deeside Railway website).